How do I order?
Please obtain the start up material from your company. This may usually include a catalog, order form, and any special instructions, or it may just give you access to the online catalog. You may then place an order by any of the following:

Phone: (434) 293-3705
Fax: (434) 263-5543
Mail: P.O. Box 107
Covesville, VA 22931
Web Site:

Do I have to go through the entire programs?
No. You may pick specific subjects within a program if you wish.

Will I always get my first choice?
Almost Always. Occasionally the program you want will be unavailable. If you want a specific program and do not receive it on your first request, just ask the Library to reserve it for you.

How do I return the programs?
You will receive a return mailer with each program. The mailer is pre-posted. Simply drop it in any mailbox.

How do I choose my next program?
A new selection card will be provided with each program. Or you may use our convenient Time Saver lists. Many of our customers find it convenient to send us a list of the programs they wish to hear. We will send from your list as you return each item. Of course you may change your list at any time.

How long does it take to get my next request?
TRL provides same-day service so your next request goes out the same day we receive an item from you. All audio programs are mailed "First Class". Your round trip time will depend on your local mail situation. If you do not receive your next request promptly, please contact the Library. Please allow up to two weeks for your first order.

Is there any charge for damaged tapes or CDs?
There is no charge for damage caused by normal use. Simply return the item to the library and ask for a replacement. There is a $20 charge for lost or stolen tapes or CDs or for damage other than normal use. Do not leave tapes in the hot sun.