Here is what some of our customers have to say:
"TRL has a great selection of tapes, and outstanding customer service. Our ROI is high because audio tapes allow effective use of down time for a very low cost. Pfizer has been using the services of TRL for more than 20 years. I believe that TRL adds significant value to the University of Pfizer and I highly endorse TRL."

Fred Lord
Team Leader
University of Pfizer
Pfizer, Inc.

"The Tape Rental Library is one of the finest organizations I have ever dealt with. Not only were they always very quick to respond to our needs, they were also always very pleasant and cordial in doing so. There’s nothing that I’ve ever asked for that they could not provide, and in the time frame that I asked for."

Robert H. Klein
Sales Training and Development
Nabisco, Inc.

"In terms of convenience and training ROI, Tape Rental Library is hard to beat."

Jim Panzl
Selling Skills Development Leader
GE Industrial Systems